Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil

Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil

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Our Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil offers a unique, expertly blended combination of fresh raspberry, strawberry and lemon tart aromas to instantly liven up your handmade products. Safe for use on skin, this oil allows you to create custom cosmetics products,  Use in soap making, lotions, bath bombs plus candles and incense with ease and confidence. Enrich your next project with a splash of fruity refreshment scent!

Cold & Hot Process tested

Flashpoint: 192

Soap Makers: Use 1 teaspoon or less per pound of soap. Use approximately 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per pound of lotion, bath salt, body scrubs, body butters and other personal care products.

Candle Makers: Use approximately 5% fragrance oil to wax ratio.

Phthalate Free

0% Vanillin

Application Level/Limit

Body Wash/ shower Gel 1.72%

Deodorant/ Body Spray .6%

Perfumes 9.27%

Candles 100.00%

Incense 100.00%

Laundry Detergent 0.66%

Shampoo .66%

Soap 0.66%

cream/ lotion 0.4%\

Hand Cream / Sanitizers 0.33%

Baby lotion, Powder 0.11%

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Ask a Question
  • Is this similar to Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast?


    We cannot compare it to other fragrances because we are unfamiliar with that specific scent. We do know this particular pink champagne has a nice combination of sweetness to tartness! We advise purchasing our 1/2oz size as a tester before jumping in to a larger size! We hope this helped.

    Thank you!

  • I purchased the 3 facial serums. Do I use the supreme under the day and night creams??? Are these good for the eye area also?


    Debra, We recommend using the facial serum under both day and night creams! Our Facial kit is good for the whole face; in the case that you are using any makeup please use very little day or night cream around the eye area as it can get a bit oily. Sometimes the coverage of the supreme facial serum can be enough to moisturize and soften the eye area. The serum works as a great base for makeup as well!

    Hope this helped! Thank you for trying out our facial kit. Let us know how that system is working out for you!
    -Pure Essential Supply team

  • Can your fragrance oils be applied directly to the skin as a roll on body oil, or does it have to be diluted?

    Our fragrance need to be diluted before applying to your skin. Use a carrier oil, our favorite oils to use are jojoba oil, sweet almond or MCT oil. Thank You

  • Hi, just wondering if this oil can be used as a body oil/perfume

    Yes! All of our fragrance oils are cosmetically approved so you can use them as perfume or in candles, in soaps, lotions, body sprays, potpourri and much much more! You can use it on the skin as long as it's diluted with your choice of carrier oil (ex: almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil)   Hope this helped!