Mica Bright Sampler

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Mica Bright Sampler

Contains 5 Mica colors each weighing in at 1oz.

Please Note: color choices may vary


Bright Blue,


Pink Violet,

Royal Blue 

These mica's uphold a metallic look at first glance. Cosmetic grade mica can be used for all general cosmetic including lip, eyes and nails. Can also be used in soap making and bath bombs making. The more added the more the metallic look shines through.

Dispenses in oil

soluble in water

Country of Origin: china

Storage: airtight container in room temperature

Do not breathe in dust, keep out of the reach of children and pets

Some colors may appear different in cold process soap*

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • the Mica Bright Sampler, do the colors have shimmer in them?


    The colors do reflect a natural metallic shimmer to them when in their concentrated form. the shimmer will vary depending on the product! If it is suspended in a liquid like an oil the shimmer will show more. If it is suspended in a product like a white soap base the shimmer will not appear as much.

    We hope this helped!