Blue Water Lily fragrance oil

Blue Water Lily fragrance oil

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The blue water lily was sacred to the ancient Egyptians, ornamental and sweet smelling. This very fragrant oil smells that of a sweet hyacinth and jasmine flower.

Approved for skin care products and candles

0% Vanillin

Application Level/Limit

Body Wash/ shower Gel 5%

Deodorant/ Body Spray 1.1%

Perfumes / Colonge15.97%

Candles 100.00%

Incense 100.00%

Laundry Detergent 5%

Shampoo .66%

Soap 5%

Body cream/ lotion 3%

Pet sprays 15.9%

Hand Cream / Sanitizers 2.5%

Baby lotion, Powder 0.85%

Not for lips products

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  • Is is Phthalate free?

    Yes, Blue Water Lily it is phthalate free