Almond Fragrance Oil

Almond Fragrance Oil

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BEST almond fragrance you'll find. If you love almond then you will love our special almond fragrance. A true almond fragrance oil.

Great for
your soaps and lotion. Our Almond fragrance oil can be used for soap making, hand lotion, body lotion, hand creams, salt scrubs, bath salt, body wash, candle making, incense oils, potpourri oil, and incense sticks.

Soap Makers: Usage rate up to 1.63%

Lotion / Body Butter .21%

Wash off products; body scrubs, Liquid soaps, shampoo up to 1.63%

Candles safe

Flashpoint: 71C
Vanilla Content: 0
Phthalate free: Yes


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Is your product synthetic or naturally derived?


    When a product of ours is labeled Fragrance Oil it will be a synthetic oil. Anything Labeled Essential Oil will be naturally derived. Our Almond Fragrance Oil is a synthetic concentrated scent!

    We hope this helped!