Coffee Spice Fragrance Oil BLEND

Coffee Spice Fragrance Oil BLEND

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Coffee Spice Fragrance Oil is a spicy coffee fragrance.  This is a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils to give the perfect coffee spice scent.   Coffee Spice is a very strong and long lasting scent.
There are notes of cinnamon, sweet orange and clove. The oil is a golden color so you will have slight discolor

Pam has been making soap with this special blend for many years for a private label coffee shop. At this time she decided to share this special blend with YOU.  A Pure Essential Exclusive.

Can be use in soap making and works perfect in cold / hot process soap making.

Candle making- yes

Other uses for this oil: Body Scrubs, Bath Salts  and bath bombs use at 1-2%

Lotion- 1%

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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Do you know the percentage that should be used in Soy Wax?

    We recommend a max of 10-12%  fragrance oil!

  • Hello, how would you describe the scent of this fragrance?


    We would describe this fragrance as followed. This is a true coffee bean scent mixed with notes of caramel and dark cocoa. This scent will awaken your senses in your most warm pick me up kind of way!

    This description will be added to the products description!

  • I assumed with the name "Coffee Spice" that spice notes would be in the fragrance, but saw you describe this fragrance as smelling like "a true coffee bean scent mixed with notes of caramel and dark cocoa". Are there any detectable spice notes (cinnamon, clove, etc) along with the coffee bean, caramel, & dark cocoa?

    The Coffee Spice FO description is the not complete as it was originally written
    Add notes of cinnamon , sweet orange and Clove 
    Sorry we'll have to fix that. 

    Tt will discolor slightly. the oil is a dark golden color. 

    When we make the CP soap here,  I use coffee in place of water so it a turns a coffee color in which I want 
    further questions you can always call 


  • Does Coffee Spice FO discolor in cold process soap, and what is the allowed % of use of this fragrance for cp soap? Thanks! :)

    Coffee spice is a golden colored oil so there will be some discoloration.