Bath Bomb Press Kit

Bath Bomb Press Kit

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Bath Bomb Press Kit comes in 4 different presses with 3 designs in each size. There is a large square with 3 designs, a small square with 3 designs, a large round with 3 designs, and a small round with 3 designs. Make great bath bombs using your regular recipe. Plus use to make bubble bars.

You get everything you see in the pictures!

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Sizes included:

large square: 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″- make aprox 4.5oz bath bomb

small square: 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″- make aprox 2.5oz bath bomb

large round: 2 1/2 diam- makes aprox 4.5oz bath bomb

small round- 1 3/4 diam- make aprox 2.5 oz bath bomb

Note You do not have to fill the press all the way

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Ask a Question
  • Hi!! I was wondering could this make a square and round bathbomb?? I have a small “business” type thing.


    Yes! This bath bomb press has many different sizes and 2 different shapes round and square. It's a complete kit with full instructions as well as our basic bath bomb recipe!

    We hope you enjoy. Please contact us if you have any further questions
    (630)262-2522 we would be happy to walk you through it if needed

    Pure Essential Supply Team

  • How do you change out the pattern press? I'm having trouble removing/replacing.

    Hello there, To add a mold you will choose your desired design the design will be facing towards the open part of the mold. The top part of the design will have two little tabs that will face towards the handle of the mold. You will push the design all the way in. Be sure to have the tabs of the design go inside the cut out holes from the top of the press. Once the tabs are in the holes you will twist to the right to lock and left to unlock and release. The hard you lock the more difficult it will be to unlock. Be sure to be sensitive towards that motion.   We hope this helped! Have any more questions? Contact us via phone, email, or even facebook or instagram! (630)262-2522  pureessentials1@sbcglobal.net  

  • What do you have to have with this? Do I need a machine?

    All you need for this Bath bomb press is your bath bomb recipe and your hands. The kit includes all you need. You do not need a machine. What you will do is pack the bath bomb press with your bath bomb mixture and once it's packed you gently push on the press and release!

    Thank you for your valuable question!