Sensual Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Sensual Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

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Sensual Sandalwood Fragrance Oil is a blend of sensual amber, sandalwood, and Egyptian musk.

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Ask a Question
  • Can I just dab ur fragrance oil right onto my skin as an alternative to perfume since im allergic?

    Dear Customer,

    We do approve our fragrance oils for the skin and general cosmetics! We advise you to dilute each concentrated fragrance with a carrier oil (any oil of your choice) due to the high concentration of the fragrance. If you do not dilute it may irritate your skin. We ask you test each fragrance on a small patch of skin before applying to larger areas just as a precaution! 

    Thank you, we hope this helped!

    Have further questions? Please contact us by phone (630)262-2522 or email pureessentials1@sbcglobal.net