Shea Butter Refined

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Shea (Nut) Butter – Fair Trade. (refined) Shea nut butter is physically extracted from the Shea nuts and results in an off-white color with a characteristic aroma. This shea nut butter has been put through an additional process to remove the distinct aroma and strip the color from an off white to a white color. It is also Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA, ensuring a level of quality is delivered and sustainable practices are in place.

We will no longer be stocking shea butter

Shea nut butter is an extremely popular ingredient used throughout the cosmetic industry due to its highly effective emollient properties. It is used in the manufacturing of lotions, body butters, skin creams, bar soaps, among a number of makeup products such as lip balms. Fair Trade Shea Nut Butter is said to hydrate dry and cracked skin and improve skin elasticity. It is all-natural and may be used topically all over the body. Virgin Shea Nut Butter. Refined Shea Butter is a soft solid at room temperature with a melt point ranging from 89˚F-113˚F.

 Shea butter varies in color per batches. Our shea butter is usually creamy white and very smooth to the touch

*Please note when ordering any natural butter, the texture may be altered if the material experiences melting, such as in transit or during processing. The material may be warmed, mixed, and quickly cooled to resolidify into a smoother consistency.

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Ask a Question
  • Is this a refined butter, less smelly

    Hello there, Yes. Our shea butter refined is a less smelly less yellow shea butter!

  • Where does this refined shea butter come from? Country of origin?

    The country of Orign varies but usually Africa but never China