Pumpkin 3D Soap Mold H036

Pumpkin 3D Soap Mold H036

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Description: Pumpkin 3D Mold can be used for soap making and candy making. For soap makers this will make a cute soap on a rope soap!

FDA approved for candy making



approx. 3″” diameter X 3/4


7.6 oz

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Ask a Question
  • Hey there, I recently purchased this mold for soap making and I was wondering if the crease in between each half of the pumpkin where I cut it then I pop it together with the little circle things above both stems? This mold has me so confused lol. I’m sure this sounds like a silly question especially sense I don’t know what Little lock circle hole things are called. Anyways I hope you can answer me back soon I just want to make sure before I cut it or anything. Sense it can be used to make soap on a rope they should go together then?


    Great question! We advise you cut the pumpkin soap mold down the middle slanted crease. Once you have done so we advise you pour one side of the mold and let that harden then as you pour the second half spray it with alcohol (both halves) then place the hardened soap mold side on top of the side that is still liquid. You can take the hardened side out of the mold if you'd like and just place the soap itself on top of the soap that is still liquid (this is optional) but ensure you have some kind of weight or item on top of the soap so it doesn't lift from the liquid soap half. I hope this helped and isn't too confusing. It takes a little bit of practice but you can do it! We also recommend adding clips to adhere the soap mold better if you have them. In the case you dont just add some type of weight to the top of the mold!

    The circular spheres above the step of the pumpkins should help keep the halves together but in the case that it doesn't feel free to use the tips explained above!