Mother's Love fragrance oil

Mother's Love fragrance oil

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Vanilla Content: 0.00%
 Phthalate Free


Pleasant Sweet Floral scent. This Fragrance oil has the ability to trigger a past experience or memory. Very enjoyable and will remind you of home!

Maximum Exposure Level in product:

Body Lotion: 54.90%   Body Wash: 10.20%   Soap: 10.20%

Perfume: 54.90%

FP 200f

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Ask a Question
  • Would this be ok in body butter?


    Yes, great question. All of our fragrance oils can be used in body butters, oils, diffusers, soap making, bath bomb making, candle making and so many more possibilites. All of our fragrances are cosmetically approved to apply on the skin when you dilute them. You dilute your concentrated fragrance oils by adding them to your products (ex: adding 4oz of sweet almond oil and maybe a tsp of fragrance oil into that mixture) you can find exact measurments anywhere online!

    We hope this helped!