Cocoa Butter, Deodorized

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Description: Deodorized cocoa butter which is thought to reduce skin dryness and improve elasticity. Can be used in hot or cold process soaps, lip products and lotions. The deodorized cocoa Butter can be a white to light yellow in color. Color varies with each batch 

*Although this cocoa butter is processed to remove it's scent it may contain a very slight and faint cocoa aroma. Each batch of cocoa butter may vary slightly in color from a cream color to a slight golden

Please note if you order 88lb please allow 10days

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Ask a Question
  • Hello, is this deodorized cocoa butter food grade? Thank you


    Our Cocoa Butter is not recommended for consumption. We package for cosmetic use only and do not advise ingesting the product. We hope this helped! We thank you for such a valuable question!

  • does this come in block or wafer form?

    Dear Customer, When we recieve our Cocoa Butter from our manufacturer it comes in a large block. For our customers convenience we chop it up into smaller chunks! Reference the product's picture for example. Thank you!