4oz Blue Jar PET Only 58-400 Neck

4oz Blue Jar PET Only 58-400 Neck

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4 oz Blue jar. Limited quantity left.

Made in: the U.S.

Size: 4 oz
Material: PET
Diameter: 2.34 in
Height: 2.375 in
lid size: 58/400
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Ask a Question
  • Do you carry lids that will fit the 4 oz and 8 oz amber/blue jars?


    Our 58-400 Black or white Dome lid will fit the 4oz Amber/Blue Jars as well as the 58-400 silver lid will fit! We hope you find what you are looking for!

  • What are the dimensions?


    Size: 4 oz
    Material: PET
    Diameter: 2.34 in
    Height: 2.375 in

    We hope this helps! We will update our website. It will now include our information!