Lavender Powder

Lavender Powder

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lavender Powder is often used in soap making as well as in bath bombs. The ground lavender helps absorb your scent in your soap or skin care products. It is known for its strong aroma.

Grown from organically cultivated flower. grown in United States

sold in 1oz bags

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Ask a Question
  • Will the Lavender powder lightly color body butter and sugar scrubs?

    We do not recommend adding powdered herbs to body butters as it may leave a bit of gritty feeling when applied since it is an herb powder. It will take up a very subtle color if added but pretty minimalistic. We do on the other hand recommend adding powders and herbs to sugar and body scrubs as long as you are adding a preservative in there if your scrub is going to be exposed to water. That way you prevent mold! The color will also depend on how much you add. The color of the lavender powder is not a very strong purple color. But if you're using it as a natural colorant you shouldn't expect a very big color pop! We hope this helps :) Thank you for your question!

  • Can I use this with melting soap?


    You most definitely can! You can add any powder/herb, soap approved colorant to your soap! Lavender powder is a great calming and soothing additive to add to your melt and pour! Great choice!

    We hope this helped!