Green Air Ultrasonic Spa Vapor Plus Diffuser

Green Air Ultrasonic Spa Vapor Plus Diffuser

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This is Why You'll Love It!

This diffuser will create a spa filled sensation throughout your home. Giving you the benefits of aromatherapy through the use of essential oils. Quiet enough to place in any room, it's high-output covers up to 1,000 sq ft in space. Its ultrasonic technology allows the oils to continuously remain suspended in the air for over 4 hours! The Spa Vapor is BPA-free designed with LED Lights with rotating color if chosen!


Right to the point:



-Run Time: 4hrs


-Ultrasonic Technology

-Blue, Green, Purple, and Red LED Lights

-Space Covered: Up to 1,000 sq ft.

How to use?

Just pour water up to the designated line and add a few drops of essential oil (max of 8 drops per use). Now you can enjoy your spa time at home!

How Do I Clean My Diffuser?

Calcium and minerals may build up in your diffuser with time so we want to make sure we stay on top of the maintenance. Add white vinegar to your diffuser and let sit for a few hours. Once the calcium and minerals are softened you can rinse! be sure to not get the whole diffuser wet as you're rinsing the inside of your diffuser!

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Ask a Question
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