Pomegranate Powder

Pomegranate Powder

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Pomegranate Powder is known as a super food, but it was known for medicinal and beauty benefits and much more in ancient times. It is a symbol of prosperity and abundance in many cultures. Modern scientific studies have shown that this red fruit with its juicy has an abundance of health benefits.

The pomegranate is high in vitamins and antioxidants.

This pomegranate powder is a light pink color.

Skin Care Benefits for the spa industry: use it in masks and in your skin care treatment

With its incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and ability to encourage radiant skin, the pomegranate has been incorporated into skin care; especially anti-aging and sun care products. It can help with a number of skin care issues that women of color can face, including dry skin, age spots, hyper pigmentation, acne flare-ups and acne scars

1. Cell Regeneration. Pomegranates help protect the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and helps with skin cell regeneration in the epidermis and dermis (inner layer), increasing circulation and healing the skin, aiding in tissue repair and wound healing.

2. Sun Protection. Pomegranates have sun protective compounds that protect the skin against free radical damage, help prevent skin cancer, relieve sunburn and reduce the signs of sun damage.

3. Anti-Aging. Pomegranates are known to protect against premature aging by helping reduce the signs of skin aging caused by sun damage and exposure, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Pomegranates also help prevent hyper pigmentation and age spots.

4. Youthful Skin. Pomegranates promote smooth, firm skin

5. Dry Skin. It is a great ingredient for skin care because its small molecular structure allows it to penetrates deeply into the skin.

Since pomegranate oil penetrates deeply into the skin, it is effective for treating dry skin. It soothes dry, cracked and irritated skin.

6. Oily Skin/Combination Skin. Pomegranate oil even works for oily skin and the use of pomegranate have been beneficial in skin care products for acne prone skin, to combat breakouts, reduce scarring and sooth minor irritations.


Soap Making: You can use it for it benefits or for a natural  colorant

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Ask a Question
  • Hi, can this be added to lip balms as well? Thanks in advance


    YES! Our herbs and powders are cosmetically approved! for topical use and this particular powder is approved for lips!

    We hope this helped!